“I’m responsible for using the time I have left in this body, to help heal the world.”

Elsa Lesser

This is a place for observation and healing, where anyone wishing to participate will learn to close their eyes, see within, and develop to full potential. It is a personal discovery site that integrates the different levels of the human being through various philosophies, techniques, and therapies. Here, the warrior inside of you heals, expands, develops, grows and enjoys life. Welcome to the experience of living fully.


“The only thing you need to change your life is a single thought… just one.”

Elsa Lesser

Author of the book Creando, sanando, disfrutando (Creating, healing enjoying), she graduated with honors from the Centro Ericksoniano de México with a Master’s degree in Ericksonian Psychotherapy. She also holds a Master in Brief Strategic Therapy by the Centro di Terapia Strategica in Arezzo, Italy; an advanced certificate in Ericksonian Brief Therapy from The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc., and a post-graduate diploma in Treating Couples from the Harvard Medical School in Boston. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), so she is, therefore, an expert in effective and strategic communication skills. She has studied Thanatology and Accompaniment, alternative medicine and Usui Reiki, among other holistic healing therapies. Elsa has published several articles on human communication and development for local and national magazines and is a regular guest in regional and national radio and television shows. Through her website ElsaLesser.com, which is now her main project, she offers personal psychotherapy consultations to patients in different parts of the world. Lectures and online courses are also available.



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Daniela Torre, Paris, France.

“Since the very first day I came into therapy, I felt very much at ease and was able to speak openly about all that worried me at the time. The tools Elsa provided me while we worked together are teachings that will always be useful, throughout my entire life. I continue using them today and often hear myself “quoting” examples and phrases that Elsa used during our sessions, not only for me when I need them, but also when other people are open to listening. Thank you very much, Elsa!”

Andrés Alanis, Querétaro, México.

“During the sessions in which we worked together, I immediately felt as if she was my best friend, even though we had only spoken a couple words to one another. Regarding what we worked on, I don’t know how she managed to figure me out in A SINGLE session, for I was already solving a problem I had been struggling with for many years. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t even spoken about it, and she had already helped me find the answer. That was incredible. She is truly empathic with her patients, almost as if she could read our minds. I am pleased with the results.”

Haydeé Contreras Celedón, San Juan del Río, México.

“Elsa Lesser has the gift of healing. It is something intrinsic in her. She uses her knowledge, talents, and virtues harmoniously, gracefully, easily, lovingly, masterfully, always showing deep respect to others both in and out of her office. She is a human being who has chosen to follow her passion for helping anyone asking for assistance, to find the wonderful being within us, to relearn to be happy and balance happiness with responsibility. Her legacy of love will last forever.”

Natalia Herrera Bernal. Montreal, Canadá.

“Working with Elsa in therapy was like going for a walk in a fantastic forest. Her therapy exceeded my expectations; I was hoping to find something and, instead, I found someone: myself, smiling a lot more, living without fear. Going to therapy is an almost sacred ritual whereby breathing in the healing energy, you also open the door to infinite opportunities. Dr. Lesser’s light radiates from her honest smile. The light brightening the horizon is only a part of the coming dawn. My fear became love, even for the unknown. I feel lucky for having crossed paths with someone who certainly changed my life.”

Carla González Ochoa, Ciudad de México, México.

“I had the good fortune of coinciding with you, a light during the darkest moments of my life. Your words are still working, and I can only say: Thank you, Elsa. You are an example to follow. Your warmth, joy, strength, and courage; your bluntness while still being clear and honest, always in the best way; the transparency of your feelings and your desire to always help others, are admirable. It was an honor meeting you!”

Laura Guillén Garcés, Querétaro, México.

“Life brought me to meet you. I was furiously arriving at an appointment I didn’t want to go to; I think you realized this as soon as I came into your office. You just looked at me and heard everything that came out of my mouth; and with your words you made me feel reassured, without me even noticing. From then on, you became my support. For my daughters, you were always there, with a smile. I longed to arrive and be welcomed by the embrace that only you know how to give. Life put me on your path. Thank you so much!”

Alejandro Ruiz de la Vara, Puerto Vallarta, México.

“My experience with you has attracted only positive things into my life, in every way, and reminds me of the phrase ‘In the light of understanding, ghosts disappear.’ Many thanks, Elsa, for helping me see the light in my life. I love you so much.”

Rafael García Rojas, Houston, EUA.

“My experience with Elsa was really helpful. Since the very first day she made me feel quite comfortable, which helped me pour out my deepest feelings. Her knowledge and experience are of the best I’ve ever known, to the degree that I recommended her to my wife and my daughter.”