The power of words is infinite. We can remember that phrase that hurt us in our childhood; we can remember those words that broke our heart during our teenage years; we can remember the piece of advice that helped us grow at our job. Words have a power that transcends time, always. Therefore, the huge privilege of delivering a set of structured words, by means of a lecture, to the greatest possible number of individuals, implies that more people per minute will be transformed by a phrase, an idea or an emotion that seems to fit in. Such is the power of a lecture.


With the freedom to create all types of content related to human development, effective communication, or organizational and strategic communication, these are a few examples of topics that can be commissioned. Lectures can be created for a specific audience, according to particular needs.

  • Abundance
  • Reaching Goals
  • Unconditional Love
  • Understanding My Coworker
  • Integrity
  • Training in Psychotherapy
  • Infidelity
  • Neuroplasticity and Psychosomatic Disorders
  • Couples Therapy
  • Thanatology

If you are interested in hiring Elsa Lesser for a lecture, please write an email  requesting the topic of your interest, the number of people that will attend and in which part of the world it needs to be delivered.


Human beings must be trained constantly. It is said that “If you’re the smartest person in a group, you’re in the wrong group” because then you have nothing to learn. In life we either move forward or backward, we rarely remain in pause. A personal growth workshop, a course that provides with valuable information, a program that offers development tools, will always make you better than the day before. The secret is in finding the right one for you.

These are a few examples of issues that may be addressed in workshops and courses. However, the exact topic of your interest can be created, put together and developed, according to your needs. Training programs must be tailored to meet specific requirements, so growth is achieved in the greatest and best way possible.


You may need workshops…

For work teams. Adapted to the needs of your company or organization. Topics addressed could be:

  • Effective Communication and Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Education and Life Projects
  • Resilience and Human Development
  • Learning to Observe
  • What Sells Best
  • What Really Matters

For couples. They can examine specific themes or topics related to couples, or interesting to couples as parents.

  • Young Children
  • Teenagers
  • Seniors
  • Achieving Goals
  • Healing as a Couple
  • Infidelity and Emotional Debt

For you. It could be a specific issue or concern that you wish to address. You don’t need to be in a company or have any relationship problems; you can put together a group of friends or family members, and work on that which you have in common. A few suggested topics are:

  • The Most Important Permit in Your Life
  • Recovering My Strength
  • Abundance
  • Thanatology
  • Training for Psychotherapists
  • I Release You and Release Myself

Online courses

“Your growth must lead to the growth of others around you; real success can only be understood in such terms.”

Elsa Lesser

Access our virtual campus to begin your distance learning program whenever you want and at your own pace. We are continually creating materials, so there are more training, development and growth options available. It is a pleasure to be able to offer the tools needed to heal and evolve, without the complications of distance. Visit our virtual campus and get started.



The Most Important Permit in Your Life

The beginning of your personal growth. A powerful healing path.

Course: The Most Important Permit in Your Life
Modules: 5 topics.
Duration: Preferably 5 weeks.
Mode: Online.
Price: $3,850.00 MXN (USD $195.00).
Coming soon


Learning to Live, Learning to Die

Letting go and flowing with life means enjoying every second that passes by.

Course:Learning to Live, Learning to Die
Modules: Coming soon
Duration: Coming soon
Mode: Online
Price:Coming soon
Coming soon


Living In Abundance

Why can’t I achieve my goals even though I’ve done everything needed? Discover the reason, unblock your energy flow and enjoy creating your new reality.

Course: Living In Abundance
Modules:Coming soon
Duration: Coming soon
Price: Coming soon
Coming soon


Training for Psychotherapists

Toward a more responsible, more effective, less painful and more humane therapy.

Course:  Training for Psychotherapists
Modules: Coming soon
Duration: Coming soon
Mode: Online
Price: Coming soon
Coming soon


The Step to Success

There are many secrets, their power lies in solution-focused practice, to achieve the next goal.

Course:  The Step to Success
Modules: Coming soon
Duration: Coming soon
Mode: Online
Price: Coming soon
Coming soon


“All human beings need therapy, but not everyone is ready. Only people who are ready to heal and grow should come to therapy. If someone isn’t ready, it is not his or her time, and all is well.”

Elsa Lesser

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy as we know it is a conversation between a therapist and his or her patients, in which different techniques and methods are used to help them find their own path. Little by little, by adapting to whatever is needed, by assimilating the problems to be solved, while patients discover the tools they have within themselves, to heal.


Brief Strategic Therapy

As its name implies, this is a brief way of solving problems and specific pathologies that have persisted for a long time in a patient. BST uses alternative intervention schemes, which follow non-ordinary logics that guide patients to put in doubt and, therefore, change their rigid perceptions and actions. This process allows people to rediscover their own resources, blocked until then in the vicious interaction cycle between the failed attempted solutions to the problem and the latter’s persistence.


Ericksonian hypnosis is an altered or alternative state of consciousness, in which therapists communicate with the unconscious mind through stories, tales, and imagination. Thus, the unconscious mind healthily adjusts, heals, and assimilates what needs to be modified. It is not a hypnosis show, and patients do not lose consciousness. It is a professional technique where the unconscious mind healthily accommodates and integrates different parts, since all patients have their own tools to heal and improve safely. Ericksonian hypnosis is an effective, brief, kind, and non-aggressive technique. Milton H. Erickson believed that therapy should not make patients suffer.

Thanatology and Accompaniment

Thanatology studies and works with the phenomenon of death in humans, and the healthful natural accompaniment during grief. Thanatology work cannot be performed correctly without proper accompaniment. Understanding death means understanding life. Learning about death is learning about life. Knowing how to accompany patients, family members and colleagues, throughout the different circumstances surrounding death, is providing them with the love that we sometimes do not know how to express. Effective support means being there for somebody experiencing profound loss, and doing and saying what needs to be done and said, in a loving way. Thanatology promotes understanding of this mysterious and often misunderstood transition, in a much more sympathetic manner. Learning how to accompany people suffering from grief through thanatology is learning to love those in need unconditionally.

“Practicing hypnosis is as simple as taking a pill with medication. Swallowing it is simple; the capsule’s content is what heals or kills. The hypnotherapist’s professionalism and experience may either cause ‘magic’ to happen or trigger a decline.”

Elsa Lesser


“Helping people heal in Barcelona or Toronto, Houston and Paris, on one same day, is a privilege I can only thank by doing my very best at each session. In any part of the world, my patients want to heal and recover their peace of mind. That commits me, day by day, to be a better therapist and communicator, with all my love and attention.”

Elsa Lesser

Online therapy is a solution for patients living outside of the city of Queretaro, or that for reasons of time or convenience prefer a distance consultation. It is carried out via Skype or Facetime. It can be scheduled by calling the office number directly.